Slimming & Detox

Combining Body Tone with Colon Care provides you with a healthy, natural way to slim and detox. Look better, feel better naturally.

Managing weight loss in a healthy, sustainable manner is the key. Avoid starvation diets as these may provide short term loss but can be detrimental to your health, ineffective or hard to maintain. 

The basic formula for losing weight is to burn more calories than you consume each day. This program can help reduce sugar cravings, reduce bloating & inflammation and speed up your metabolism while helping to eliminate toxins. 

Each pack contains tea for 14 days for one person. We recommend starting with the 14 day or 28 day program. The best results can be achieved by eliminating sugar and wheat during your program. 

Consume one cup of Body Tone slimming tea before breakfast and another 2-3 hours before dinner. Consume one cup of Colon Care detoxing tea before bed. It's that easy. 

Success Tip: Complete the program with your partner or friend. Help keep each other motivated to achieve the desired results. 

These teas are not food substitutes.