Immune System Health.     100% Organic.     50 grams = 22 - 25 cups.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is more than physical health. It is as important to ensure our inner health is performing at its absolute best.

The immune system defends the body against bacteria and viruses. It is a complex system that needs reinforcing as it is our primary form of defence against infections, bacteria and viruses.

“Abnormalities of the immune system can lead to allergic diseases, immunodeficiencies and autoimmune disorders.” ^^

Immunity Plus is a gentle tasting blend, crafted by Naturopaths, from 8 natural botanical herbs used in traditional medicines to support, enhance and promote good health.

Give your immune system a daily boost with Immunity Plus tea.

Place one teaspoon into one cup (250 mls) of hot water. Allow  5 minutes to brew. Strain and enjoy. 

Drink 1-3 cups per day.

Linseed*, Sencha Green Tea*, Spearmint Leaf*, Ginger Pieces*, Cinnamon Pieces*, Licorice Root*, Orange Peel*, Elderflower*.

* 100% Organic.



Immunity Plus - Immune System Booster Tea

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